Saturday, October 21, 2006

Color Fun!

Today we are giving our noses a rest and looking at a fun website called Colorstrology. This site shows you your own special color based on your birthday. My special color for September 17 is... Tabasco! The accompanying description makes me sound more like a worker bee than a perfume bee, but there you have it! What is your special color? Do you resonate with it?

This website came to us from a link on Ava Luxe's site. Ava Luxe is an indie perfumer based in San Diego. Definitely one to watch! (Thanks to Marlen at The Perfume Critic for this tip).

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eyesofsunshine said...

My color is dusty lavendar. Here is the discriptor for me: "whether it is music, sports or fighting for a cause, you are always up to the task. You have an unusual combination of sensitivity and might. This sensitivity when properly channeled affords you many possibilities. When you feel offended, you can sometimes lose your perspective and miss the opportunites that the universe is offering. (OH NO!) Your personal color combines the qualities of passion and detachment. Wearing, meditatiing or surrounding yourself with dusty lavender helps you remain open and forgiving as you move through the emotional aspects of life".

Well, isn't that interesting?

keep on blogging!