Monday, March 26, 2007

My New e-Book is Available: "The Perfume-Lover's Guide to Paris: A 3-Day Walking Tour"

Eiffel tower

I am happy to announce my new e-book, The Perfume-Lover's Guide to Paris: A 3-Day Walking Tour, is now available for immediate download.

This practical, easy-to-use guide is for people who want to visit the city's finest boutique perfumeries by foot and by metro. Written as the guide I'd wished I'd had on my recent trip to Paris, this e-book is filled with useful addresses, metro stops, photographs, and descriptions of the major perfumeries in the perfume capital of the world.

Guerlain...L'Artisan Parfumeur...Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle...Caron...Etat Libre d'Orange... these and many more perfumeries are covered in the guide.

Whether you have a few hours or a few days, if you love perfume and you are going to Paris, I think you'll find this guide useful. 33 pages.

Cost: $9.95 US dollars


Madelyn said...

Bonjour Chris,
I Love Perfume--

I Adore Paris --
So I ordered your E-book.
Who knows when my next rendezvous will be ...but I know I will be lovingly guided by you !

christine said...

Bonjour Madelyn,

I hope you find this guide useful on your next trip to Paris! Thank you for buying it -- and may all your journeys be filled with fragrant delights!


Julia said...

Oh, your guide would have made my day if it wasn't for the horrible fact that our trip to Paris got cancelled:( The airline company filed for bankruptcy (sp?) and we got left with, well nothing. I will read it anyway and dream of our next trip, probably next spring...


christine said...

Hi Julia,

I am SO sorry to hear about your cancelled trip to Paris. That is just a major bummer.

However, I do think there is magic in timing, and when you do finally go, I believe it will be the perfect time for you to be in Paris.

Take care,

Ayrton said...

What a great idea, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris! I bought your e-book one day ago, it's very nice, and it was a nice and original idea to create it. Congratulations. I'm going to Paris next Christmas, so you can imagine how excited I am. Sorry my English...
Carine, from Brazil.

christine said...

Hi Carine,

I'm so glad you like the book — and I wish you a fabulous, fragrance-filled trip to Paris!