Sunday, March 04, 2007

Better-Know-A-Niche Perfumery: fresh scents / terri

 fresh scents terri
Sometimes we just need to breathe. And if it takes a flacon of eau de parfum to remind us, all the better! Which is why I immediately went for Fresh Scents / Terri's Breathe eau de parfum. An uplifting combination of Light Musk and China Rain, it is smells very crisp, clean and light. The whimsical label shows a line drawing of a woman surrounded by fluttering butterflies that look as if they are reminding her to take life a little less seriously. The entire line looks like it is designed to uplift and inspire.

Fresh Scents / Terri is the creation of perfumer Terri Weitzman. Terri lives in southern Californian and started creating her fragrances about four years ago. Her line consists of oils, lotions, body washes and bath & shower gels. There are 7 women's fragrances and 2 for men:

  • Dream - Notes of vanilla and fig.

  • My LuLu - A blend of China Rain and Gardenia.

  • Oh Baby! - A blend of China Musk and Pikaki.

  • Breathe - A blend of White Rain and Light Musk.

  • Zoe - A blend of Light Musk and Sheer Musk.

  • Tangerine Kiss - Notes of cucumber, lime, watermelon and tangerine (available with a bronze shimmer).

  • Berry Cute - A blend of blackberry and vanilla creme (with purple and gold shimmer).

  • Peachy Keen - A blend of peach and vanilla creme (with peach and gold shimmer).

  • My Man - A blend of bergamot and musks.

  • Gregory - A blend of patchouli, ylang ylang, and leather.

The fragrances are available as 2-oz spray eau de parfum ($48); 1/3-oz. roll-on ($38 - first five fragrances only); and as a 10-piece sample set ($7 plus $6.95 s/h). The bath products cost $25 each. They can be ordered online at and at select boutiques.

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Julia said...

As I'm starting to become more interested in lighter fragrances, these sound interesting. But forgive me for asking- White Rain? What on earth is white rain and how does it smell? This requires some research;)

christine said...

Hi Julia,

White Rain is a blended fragrance oil. Fragrance oils often contain some essential oils (which are derived from the roots, stems, seeds and flowers of plants), but may also contain a variety of synthetic ingredients as well.

This is an important topic which I will be discussing more in future posts relating to natural perfumery.

Thanks for writing!