Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My Luggage Arrived Today!

Hooray! My luggage arrived today, with all of the perfume bottles intact and fully accounted for. I am thrilled to have these pretty bottles of liquid gold lined up on my counter. Starting tomorrow, I will begin discussing the various perfume houses I visited, as well as the different fragrances I brought back to the States.

For now, jet lag is casting it's ugly shadow, so I will quickly follow-up my last post with a description of Fragonard "Capucine" eau de toilette. In contrast to yesterday's light, citrusy "Eau du Bonheur," "Capucine" is a warm, oriental fragrance consisting of green tea and bergamot top notes; middle notes of rose and jasmine; and base notes of musk, winter woods and vanilla. While it's not one of my favorites, I can see how it would be a cozy choice to wear on a cold winter's day. It can be purchased online at Fragonard, $32/100 ml edt refillable spray, or $48/200 ml.


giselle R. said...

I envy you the "Perfume Rapture" you'll be experiencing with these new bottles.

christine said...

Yes, I've been in Perfume Rapture since my luggage arrived, with no immediate end in sight!