Monday, January 22, 2007

The House of Caron

"Bright," "sparkling," "crystalline," and "gemlike" are just some of the words that come flooding to my mind when I think of the Caron boutique. Located on the stately Avenue Montaigne in the 8th arrondissement, this is a true jewel-box of a store. Walking into this parfumerie reminds me of entering the glittering Hall of Mirrors at Versailles, albeit on a much smaller scale! The company was founded in 1904 by perfumer Ernest Daltroff and has been creating luxury fragrances for the last century.

This picture shows Caron's trademark crystal fountains. They are filled with the company's beautiful haute perfumes. As you can see, they are lovely to behold.

My favorite perfume from the crystal flacons is Tubéreuse. This is Caron's newest “fountain” creation, created by in-house perfumer Richard Fraysse in 2003. As its name suggests, it is a soliflore based on the beautiful tuberose flower. It has top notes of Indian tuberose; middle notes of jasmine, peach and apricot; and a warm vanilla base. It dries down to a very beautiful, elegant finish. There are 13 fountain fragrances, which may be purchased in Caron boutiques in Paris. Cost of Tubéreuse: 100 euro/50 ml eau de parfum.

For more information, visit the Caron website. There is also a Caron boutique in New York City, located on Madison Avenue between 61st and 62nd streets, telephone 212.319.4888.
photo credits: Christine Pierce


Flora said...

I would give anything to go to Paris and visit the House of Caron. Thank you for the lovely pictures of the crystal fountains. I want some of that Tubereuse, too!

I just discovered your blog recently when you were featured on the Perfume Critic site. I will be coming back frequently, I am sure!

christine said...

Hi, flora,

You're welcome! I hope the picture of the crystal fountains captures some of the beautiful sparkliness of the boutique.

Thank you for your kind comments.


Julio Cezar do Amaral said...

I am extremely sad and disappointed that Caron has changed the smell of the original Le Muguet du Bonheur extrait. I recently asked a friend to buy me a small bottle of it in the Caron shop in Paris and the woman sold him the perfume version which according to her was the same that I used to buy as extrait.
I was not only sad but also furious to notice that caron has changed that wonderful fragrance we all used to love.

On behalf of my wife, my mother, all the ladies who love "Le Muguet du Bonheur", I beg Caron to bring back its original smell.

Prof. Julio Cezar do Amaral
Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Can anyone tell me why they commited such a crime? said...

I am thrilled that I can now go to NYC and purchase my long time favorite Narcisse Noir created in 1914.

I used to order it fro Saks Fifth Avenue who would obtain it from Paris or a store in San Franciso now out of business or would hope some friend would be taking a trip to Paris.

The House Of Caron in Paris is enchanting to say the least. Would love to get there again. Vivian 04.23.09

vivian said...

House Of Caron has a new address in NYC 58th @ Lexington.

Get there for a nostalgic trip back on good on history of family. VRW

Harouf said...

Lovely pics! Do u know where I could find "Tabac blond" I ve been tryin to find it long time now! (Buy on line I mean)