Monday, February 12, 2007

Los Angeles Sniffapalooza at Apothia 2007

Karen A, Christine and Karen D at LA Sniffapalooza

Karen Adams, moi, and Karen Dubin at LA Sniffapalooza 2007

This picture shows me standing with Sniffapalooza founder Karen Dubin (to my left) and her Sniffa collaborator, Karen Adams. The photo was snapped after more than 10 hours of sniffing perfume, talking about perfume, listening to talks about perfume, shopping for perfume, and sniffing more perfume. I, for one, was feeling a bit rummy by this point. But all fatigue aside, the LA Sniffapalooza West Coast Premiere was a pure slice of heaven!

Here is what the day looked like: Imagine being surrounded by over fifty people with a common passion for perfume, bare-wrists extended and perfume testers at the ready! Now add in a lovely breakfast at Mauro's Cafe at Fred Segal Melrose while a series of guest speakers discuss everything from making niche perfumes to the genesis of a top-selling fragrance to the use of fragrance to scent venues (think: the aroma of chocolate wafting through the theater for the premier of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).

Follow this with shopping and sniffing at Ron Robinson's wonderful Apothia, lunch at Chocolat with a fragrance workshop presented by Sarah Horowitz-Thran (founder of Creative Scentualizations), shopping and sniffing at the darling Santa Maria Novella boutique, and High Tea at Chado Tea Room with guest speakers (Miryana Babic of i Profume di Firenze; Adam Eastwood, co-founder of; and Marlen Harrison, founder of

Top off this perfect day with a private reception at the Palmetto Boutique where Miryana Babic and her sweet mother, Rosie, presented the i Profume de Firenze line. As an added bonus, enjoy the expert touch-up from professional make-up artist Fredericke Grillitz of i.q. beauty who was on-site to help revive our flagging complexions. (If I may digress just a moment... her Luminous eye cream is incredible! A few well-placed dabs of this gel- based cream under my eyes was like a refreshing mini-facial. Perhaps it has something to do with the crushed pearls it contains. I don't know, but I do know it made my face feel positively "glowy.")

Add all this up, and you have the recipe for one fragrantly fabulous day!

The best part (I know you're expecting me to say the goodie bags -- well, yes, they were wonderful, but they're not even the best part) of the whole Sniffapalooza was being with like-minded "perfume people." Let's face it, sometimes we perfume-lovers can feel a bit isolated when our friends and loved ones look at us with a mix of pity and perplexity as we proudly show them our most recent fragrant discovery. So for me, the highlight of the day was meeting new perfume-loving friends and being able to spend time discussing the nuances of individual fragrances without seeing eyes rolled up in boredom. And it was an absolute pleasure to meet people whom I've only known through email correspondence and as readers of The Perfume Bee. Putting names with faces really brought it all together for me.

I will talk more about the day's individual speakers and perfume discoveries in future posts. For now, I leave you with a few more pictures from the day. And, if you're so inclined, mark your calendars for the Spring Sniffapalooza in New York City happening March 31-April 1st. You can check out their website for more information.

Karen Dubin and Ron Robinson at Apothia
Karen Dubin and Ron Robinson at Apothia

Sarah Horowitz-Thran at Chocolat
Sarah Horowitz-Thran at Chocolat

Miryana Babic at Palmetto
Miryana Babic at Palmetto

Christine, Eliza and Marlen
Christine, Eliza and Marlen at Palmetto

cute little visitor at Santa Maria Novella
Cute little visitor at Santa Maria Novella

photos © The Perfume Bee


Karenska said...

Great recap, love the photos (the ladies in black!), and it was GREAT to meet you, Christine.

It was a fantastic weekend and I'm so glad you enjoyed it too!


christine said...

Thanks, KA!

I look very forward to attending another fun-filled Sniffapalooza!


IrisLA said...

It was so nice to meet you, Christine! Kudos to Team Karen for bringing Sniffapalooza to L.A.

In your follow-up posts, I hope you divulge what treasures you purchased.

chaya ruchama said...

Great photos... such attractive peeps !

Thank you for filling us in...

It was a success, by all accounts.

christine said...

Hi IrisLA,

It was great meeting you, too!

Yes, I will be discussing my perfume choices in future posts. And I would love to know what you (and other Sniffapaloozers) chose. Do feel free to share if you feel so inclined!


christine said...

Hi Chaya Ruchama,

Thanks for writing! Yes, it was a very successful event!


IrisLA said...

I purchased Antonia's Flowers Tiempe Passate. I've been eyeing this beauty for a while. Since they were doing a drawing, I took the plunge. This is a unique scent. Love the cedary florals.

christine said...

Hi IrisLa,

That's a beautiful fragrance -- and the bottle is pretty, too, with its glass stopper in the shape of a flower.

Enjoy your new fragrance!


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,
Thanks for takling the shot of Linda and I!
Thought I'd share that I found Le Boise in Scent Bar on Sunday and that's definitely a new fave. Linda then surprised me with it for Valentines Day!
Rob (the guy with the camera)

christine said...

Hi Rob,

I hope the picture of you and Linda turned out okay -- your camera is really high-tech and I wasn't at all sure that I had you in focus!

That is so great that Linda got you Le Boise at the Scent Bar for Valentine's Day! Enjoy your new fragrance.

It was a pleasure meeting you both!


Eyesofsunshine said...

It sounds like you had a delightful trip and found a few more noses out there to sniff some scents. I'd love to go to New York in the spring... but I'll leave the Sniffapalooza to you, I'll take THE COLOR PURPLE, GRAY GARDENS, or SPAMALOT, not to mention a trip to FRESCO for some yummy tummy treats! A fabulous trip for a Perfume Bee indeed. I wish I shared your passion, but I think the visitor with four legs would have been catching my nose at Apothia LOL!

christine said...

Hi eyesofsunshine,

I hope you get to NY in the spring. Of the plays you mentioned, I've seen SPAMALOT. It was hilarious!

Yes, the little 4-footed creature in the photo was awfully cute!!!