Saturday, February 03, 2007

Better-Know-a-Niche Perfumery: Tom Ford's Private Blend Fragrance Collection

Though technically not a niche perfumer, the release of designer Tom Ford's new collection of 12 exquisite fragrances is about to put him into that category. Private Blend consists of a dozen unique scents designed to appeal to both women and men. Made from very fine and expensive ingredients, they include:

  • Amber Absolute

  • Noir de Noir

  • Velvet Gardenia

  • Black Violet

  • Tobacco Vanille

  • Oud Wood

  • Purple Patchouli

  • Bois Rouge

  • Japan Noir

  • Neroli Portofino

  • Tuscan Leather

  • Moss Breches

In, Ford points out that "these are fully developed fragrances, not one-note products."

Purple Patchouli is "sort of Sixties, with orchid, black leather and amber," said Ford. "Bois Rouge has red cedarwood; Noir de Noir is a chypre oriental with patchouli and tree moss; Moss Breches is this really rare moss, and Tobacco Vanille smells like pipe tobacco..."

This collection is scheduled to launch with the opening of Ford's new Manhattan store in Spring 2007 (located at Madison & 70th Street). Each scent will be available in a 1.7-oz. eau de parfum spray for $165 and an 8.3-oz. eau de parfum decanter for $450.
info and photo source:; photo by John Aquino

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